Monday, June 16, 2008


31 -- that's how many years I've been around. I'm especially thankful for Brian, and my brother, and my parents, and all the wonderful family and friends in my life and the nice birthday wishes and flowers and cards I've received. Brian has a really sweet post on his blog.

And I'm thankful for Le Pichet, where we're going to dinner tonight!

And I'm thankful for my new bicycle!


Tactless Wonder said...

If you haven't already, invest in some nice padded bicycle shorts. City streets only LOOK smooth.
-Cautionary Tale Girl hath spoken...ouch.

Tactless Wonder said...

PS, Happy B-day again! :)

erin said...

Happy, happy birthday!

El said...

Happy Birthday!! Wow, Le Pichet AND a new bike? What a great birthday!

Michael said...

It is nice that you pretend to be happy about Le Pichet! I know that you must be disappointed the not be going for PHO! now that would have been a complete BDAY