Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who's out there?

Hello inter-friends,

Welcome to my blog, Echo and Hum, a place where I can share the random thoughts, pictures, stories, and other happenings inside my head and outside my front door.

This is a partner blog to another called "Concords Are Better." I'm not sure whether I should admit this or not, but the other blog belongs to my future husband, Brian -- otherwise known as "B-Phat" and "Grapeboy." Don't ask me to explain. I like to think that our blogs will complement each other while at the same time recognizing that one focuses on the finer things in life, while the other revels in the more ridiculous things. I won't ask you to guess which one is which.

I start my first post with one of the very finest things in life -- beer.

Even better, a beer with an owl on its label! This is a sure indicator of what goodness lies inside. Last night I discovered this beer and fell in love. Brian is convinced I like it mostly because of the cute red owl, but I can tell you that my love goes much deeper than that.

It's a Japanese wheat beer (who's ever heard of that?) called Hitachino Nest Weizen. If you like wheat beer, you should definitely try this. It's light, refreshing, crisp, and sweet with a lemony twist.

We discovered this beer last night at Kisaku, a sushi restaurant in the Seattle Greenlake neighborhood.

The only downside is the price. We paid $5.50 for a smaller-than-regular sized bottle. I've read that it goes for $6-7 in other places. But the upside is that you can keep the bottle!


Trevor said...

My mom likes owls! She has all kinds of owl stuff at home. But she doesn't really drink beer. More of a chardonnay kind of person. I guess it takes all types ... to like owls.

Cindy said...

Your mom is the best! People who like owls are the cream of the crop, in my opinion. Thanks for being the first to comment on my new blog :)