Saturday, May 3, 2008


We all know the game of Scrabble. But let's be honest... it's one of those games that only your parents and nerdy friends play.

The good news is that what started out as a mediocre board game has now turned into a sort of "scrabble-mania," taking the world by storm. In fact, some of the best art in the world is made from old, useless garbage... not unlike scrabble tiles!

If you type in "scrabble" on etsy, you can get a sense of how people have turned this worthless game into artful pieces of jewelry, like these scrabble pendants, for cheap!

Or earrings:

This purse is brilliant! It's made from a vintage scrabble board:

These coasters are much more useful than the scrabble game itself:

Every man needs a pair of these cufflinks:

And a daily planner, of course:

Need a new keyboard? You can use your old scrabble tiles, of course!

Don't have anything else to put under the glass of your new coffee table? Why not scrabble tiles!

And my all-time favorite, a personalized picture frame for mom:

As you can see, there are a 1,001 better uses for scrabble tiles beyond the actual game itself!


woolies said...

Great Post! I had to smile at all the uses for the scrabble game! And of course, I make scrabble tile pendnts too!

Brian said...

Why stop with Scrabble? Why not make a tablecloth from an old "Twister" mat? Or curtains from "Monopoly" money? There are so many cool ways to turn crap into crap.