Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Old family photos

My uncle just sent a link to some pictures, which included some old family photos of the farm and of my great-grandparents. Wow these are so cool.

The picture below is the original farmhouse that was built after my great-grandparents homesteaded. Literally, they came from Kansas and were part of the Oklahoma Land Rush in 1908 (?). Each person in the land rush got to stake out a quarter of land and this is where my great-grandparents chose to live. I guess the deal was that if they could make it for three years, they got to keep the land. If they couldn't make it for whatever reason before three years, the government would give them money back to move back to wherever they came from. I guess my great-grandparents stuck it out, though it couldn't have been easy. Later, the farmhouse was hit by a bad tornado in 1946 and rebuilt. I've heard many stories about that tornado. I guess the people in the picture below must be my great-grandparents Lorene and George, and my great-aunt Maebelle (who I just saw last week). I don't know who is on the horses.

And here is another picture of my great-grandparents and their three kids, Maebelle, John, and my grandfather Marvin on the right, who just passed away two months ago. Oddly, I recognize myself in the face of my great-grandmother. Her nose and chin and smile and cheeks are very similar to mine. I love these pictures!!

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